‘What is the self anyway?’ towards a more parsimonious conceptualisation of the self: A review

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The ‘self’ is of interest across multiple psychological, cognitive, and social sciences. Unhelpfully, a plethora of terms are used across different theoretical and empirical areas. This leads to inconsistency, confusion and lack of clarity and impedes cross-disciplinary communication and progress. To improve clarity, increase parsimony and support theoretical and empirical advances, it is important to establish clear terms that can be applied consistently across psychology. The aim of this paper is to present a comprehensive initial inventory of synthesised self-terms that can be used by, and across psychology. We review self-terms used across different areas in psychology and identify a set of terms that are most frequently and consistently used across these domains. We then present a synthesis of commonly used ‘self-terms’ that are specifically related to six psychological sub-disciplines; Cognitive, Social, Developmental, Neuroscience, Clinical and Personality psychology. A glossary of self-terms, together with frequently used synonymous self-terms are presented.



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